Popular TV shows like Walking Dead are available to watch

Saving Money on Entertainment with Free TV Apps

Using a satellite dish or cable can be quite expensive. If you’re planning to get rid of either of these due to the expenses, there are a number of great options available. One of the most affordable options is the free TV apps. Most TV networks now offer many of their popular shows on the android platforms and Apple devices. The only cost that you may incur using these apps is the advertising. This is because the companies still need to make a profit in order to generate new content.


This is undoubtedly the leading application for entertainment. Many people use it due to the amount of content available through this app. The company that owns Showbox has some of the most efficient servers to cope with the huge amount of traffic. As a result, this app rarely experiences any downtime, which is an issue of concern with TV apps. Currently, the application is not available on Google play store. The apk file for the app can be downloaded directly from the company’s website. Best of all, there is a PC version of this app available.

TV apps for the whole family
Shows for all ages are available for free!


Hulu is another great alternative for getting content directly to the android or apple device. The content available through this application is of high quality. The app is available on the Google play store free of charge. With this application, you’ll never runs out of content to watch.


This is a great application for watching content in both US and Canada. Sony currently owns the app. As a result, you should expect high-quality content from this application. The content available through Crackle is updated on a monthly basis. The content is generally good and the app rarely experiences any breakdowns. Users of the app have to contend with the regular advertisements aired through the app. This is a small trade-off for getting content so easily through one’s device.


Popular TV shows like Walking Dead are available to watch
Popular TV shows like Walking Dead are available to watch

This app, which is standalone, is related to one of the greatest TV networks on earth. HBO has created this app to allow users access some of the highest quality content available through entertainment apps. The application had a shaky start but has since corrected the initial hiccups. The shows available are suited to a wide variety of audience. Almost anyone will find content that suits him or her through HBO NOW.

Hubi Streaming

This application is a great way to stream content directly to one’s device. The Hubi application also supports download capabilities. Furthermore, it supports link sharing. As a result, if one finds good content, they can inform their friends about it. The application does not come with any content of its own. The content available for streaming on this application is sourced from outside links.

Wrapping it up!

These are just a few of the many content streaming applications currently on offer. The best part about them is that they are extremely cheap when compared to cable or satellite dishes. Viewers seeking to cut down entertainment costs should definitely consider these applications.

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