How to Lower Your Monthly Coffee Expense

If you all are anything like me you drink coffee. Once a day about eight times a day. If you are drinking coffee out and ordering drinks such as frappes, macchiatos and lattes then this adds up quickly. I helped my friend with her budgeting over the weekend and she has been spending $200/month on coffee out! She had no idea!

I thought I’d give you a few tips I’ve learned over the years on how to enjoy delicious coffee on a budget while not making a single sacrifice.

Invest in a quality espresso machine.

If you LOVE lattes, going to Starbucks, Dutchbros, or your local coffee shop, then buying your own espresso machine is a must. There are many espresso machines for an affordable price. This website has some great budget options. I ended up buying an $80 espresso machine off of Amazon and make at least two breves a day with it. This has helped reduced the trips to Starbucks and has lowered my monthly coffee budget.

Buy quality coffee beans.

If you don’t like coffee brewed at home then chances are you are using poor quality coffee beans. Don’t go Folgers here… ask your local coffee shop for a recommendation or try some different coffee beans freshly ground from the store. I like to go organic when possible. This process has helped me to find a coffee so good that I no longer crave coffee out of the house as much because nothing is good as what I make in my own kitchen!

Buy fun ingredients to make your coffee exciting.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE those sugar-laden lattes from the local coffee stand. I figure I’m going to drink them anyways so I might as well make them myself for a fraction of the cost. We have a full stash of peanut butter for peanut butter blended mochas, cocoa powder, honey, vanilla, and even peppermint extract. We get very creative with our coffee making. Using our own ingredients also means that we are staying away from things like high fructose corn syrup which can take a toll on your health.

Use those punch cards.

Our local coffee stands hand out punch cards. Since we lead very busy lives we still end up grabbing coffee out but we always make sure to keep it frugal and use our punch card. You can often get every 10th coffee free this way!

Be aware of special coffee deals.

Our local coffee shops and stands always have special deals going on. Once we’ve had a 9-punch day which is basically equivalent to a free coffee. We also have happy hours all over town where coffee drinks are 50% off or buy one get one free. Some coffee stands also have seasonal drinks which can help you save a buck here and there.

By using these coffee tips I hope that you can continue your addiction love of coffee in a more affordable and even healthier way!

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