IM000826.JPGHello, and welcome to my blog.

That’s me, waving. We are getting ready to Kayak off the coast of LaPaz Mexico.

I am a young 40 (ish) married gal to a wonderful guy named Dave, (that’s not him in the picture). We live in a small town in the Midwest with our 2 cats, Harley & Baxter (both shelter adoptees), and we have a grown son that lives a few hours away.

We spend our days managing our rental properties and fixing up foreclosure homes. The rest of our hours are spent juggling golf for Dave, home projects for me and nights spent at our cabin in the woods, and now I can add my new blogs to the whole mix. (Yes I was crazy enough to start 2 at a time). After all, things naturally go better in pairs, right?

We are just an average couple living an average life in an average town. Sounds pretty average, huh? Well occasionally we break out of the mold and run a little wild and I hope to be able to share some of those stories with you. We are avid travelers and are always looking for the next great adventure. Off the beaten path is our motto and once in awhile we come back with some pretty good tales.

But while we are at home we are just trying to make life meet at both ends, one day at a time, learning to live with what we already have and stop the accumulation of stuff. Learning to live within our means, staying out of the way of the Jones’ and trying not to be run down by all the rest of the hyped-up consumer driven world.

The goal of my blogs is to create a safe haven from the rest of the world where you, my dear readers, can come in out of the rain for a little bit of peace and quiet. Will there always be joy and happiness, maybe not. Some days I may be on a rant with my daily post, however you will always be able to look into the sidebars for a quick smile or two. I plan to keep it fresh and hopefully each time you drop by there will be something new for you to read, see, or watch. You will always find something here that will give you a smile and brighten your day.

And let me get this out in the open right now, I am not an expert or authority on pretty much anything. If you are looking for math equations and words that contain a whole host of characters, you probably won’t find it here. There are plenty of people out there a heck of a lot smarter than I am so it’s best to leave that content for the ‘big boys’. I was never an English Lit major so occasionally you may find a grammar mistake or two. If you need perfection, i’m just not it. What you can expect is conversation and content that you would hope to find sitting back and relaxing with your best friends on a hot summer day, cool tropical drink in hand. It’s just one gal’s opinion on the world and all it’s workings.

That’s our life, this is our story, welcome to our world…